Developed in the 1950’s by Johanna Budwig, a German biochemist, the Budwig diet involves eating flaxseed oil mixed with cottage cheese and milk, as well as vegetables, fruits and juices.

Although there is no conclusive proof that the Budwig diet cures cancer, there is growing recognition that flaxseed may fight cancer.

The Budwig diet is not easy to stick to and requires a strict diet plan. If you would like a free consultation and a personalized diet plan then contact me and we can discuss your health needs.

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2 thoughts on “Budwig”

  • I love Cristinas creative recipes, so delicious! I’m a follower of the Budwig Diet for my cancer treatment, and Cristinas recipes really help me add extra variety and range to my diet plan….. I’m eating the best & healthiest dishes ever, Thankyou Cristina for your great food inspiration!
    Belinda, Manchester UK

    • Thanks Belinda for your generous comment. People like you are an inspiration and a pleasure to work with.

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