12 thoughts on “HYG”

    • Thank you so much Freda was great to have you at the Budwig center. I hope you are keeping well!?

  • Dear Christina! Thank you for your incredible chefs-d’euvres culinaires!:) You are so inspiring! Good luck in your creativity and thank you very much. Hanna and Alexandre

  • I’ve had some wonderful massages from Christina in the past years.
    She always made me feel so relaxed and always with a very kind and caring attitude. Would highly recommend her for a very calm and relaxing experience. Im sure you won’t be disappointed.🧘‍♀️👍

  • Christina,
    Thank you for the healing massage! I could feel the calming benefit that allowed my body to heal on a deep level. Your knowledge and care are unsurpassed.

    • It was a pleasure Colleen! Therapists need therapy too! Watch out for new recipies this month. Anything you need specifically?

  • Christina is committed to creating delicious and innovative meals that are healthy and healing. I loved the massages received from Christina full of lovely oils. I cannot recommend Christina’s services highly enough. 5 stars.

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